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Saturday, September 26 2020 @ 07:31 AM UTC

Cryptovirology: Threats and Countermeasures

ArticlesWe describe a less prominent attack on standalone and networked computer systems known as CryptoViral attacks. These are very powerful attacks, where the attacker can hold the victim's data for ransom. The organization of this presentation is as follows. We define the basic terminology and then discuss four different scenario's in which a cryptovirus is used to extort information or/and ransom. Scenario 1 is a cryptoviral extortion protocol performed by holding the victim's data as ransom. Scenario 2 is similar to Scenario 1 except for that the virus writer also demands the victim's encrypted text along with the ransom. Scenario 3 describes a secret sharing cryptovirus. The attack works on a computer network with infected hosts. In this attack the asymmetric private key is split and shared among the infected network hosts. Scenario 4 explores the role of a cryptovirus in a Deniable Password Snatching (DPS) attack commonly used in espionage.

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