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Alma mater

WorkI did a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur and studied under the supervision of Dr.B.B.Amberker. My Alma mater is AU-KBC Research Centre at Madras Institute of Technology where I did a Master's in Information and Communication with emphasis to research in wireless communication under the supervision of Dr.S.Srikanth. My old web page at university (no longer updated) can be found HERE.

I pursued a PhD in Parallel and distributed computing under the supervision of Dr.Oliver Sinnen at The University of Auckland.

My work experience may be found HERE on linkedin .


Parallel Computing, Scheduling Optimisations, Computer Networks, Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Cryptology, Graph Theory, Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Network Security.

Undergrad Coding Projects, tag #Cryptography and information security

[01]. Cryptographically Secure Pseudo Random Number Generation Using Mersenne Twister over Secure Hash Algorithm-1.

[02]. Secure E-Banking,a secure electronic cash transaction implementation using Blowfish encryption algorithm in Cipher Block Chain with Checksum Mode using BSD Sockets.

[03]. Implementing Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Over a Prime Field and its analog over Elliptic Curves Using Polynomial Basis.

Other Coding Projects, tag #Cryptography and information security

[04]. Primitivity Test Routines in GF(p) including checking for linearly independent roots that includes Berlekamp's reducibility test and Benor's reducibility test. C programming is combined with multi precision library API's namely PARI, GMP and Zenfact. The database used is MYSQL.

[05]. Checking if a given polynomial in the extension field GF(2^n) is primitive or not. C programming is combined with multi precision library API's namely PARI, GMP and Zenfact. The database used is MYSQL.

[06]. Developed a complete solution for a real life secure document distribution between a core server and over a hundred clients and others agents acting on behalf of the core server. The solution includes encryption, key splitting, digital signing and verification, watermarking, key management, logging and reporting and a customised emailing solution.

[07]. Developed a Java based one time password authentication token utility for two factor authentication.

Postgrad Coding Projects, tag #Optimal scheduling for Parallel Systems

[08]. Green Banana -- ILP based task scheduling solver. This research project supplies an optimal task scheduler for (homogeneous) multiprocessor systems with communication delays. A suite of Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) formulations are supplied to solve the scheduling problem using the CPLEX Optimisation Solver.

Contact Email Id:: av(sar ad@}[gmailDOTcom} without any brackets or space.

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