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Wednesday, August 12 2020 @ 05:51 PM UTC

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First impressions / Travel Tips - Auckland University

By Sudheendra Kumar Pulla (January 27, 2012 ) in Facebook link: Auckland University Indian Club (AUIC) - University of Auckland

Tags: International students in Auckland University, International students in University of Auckland.

What started out as a small description ended up being a pretty doc - just skip to sections which you are interested in. I'd be glad to help any of you with the stuff I mentioned below - but remember the timezone difference when you have a queries and expect a reply from me. The info added is from my perspective and my experiences. So if you want me to correct or add any info just post a comment. Content has been split as follows Pre-flight In-flight At Auckland airport Things to do on your first active day At the University Weather and Terrain Fun :D
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Vodafone New Zealand Internet for Mobile Phones

If you bought your phone outside New Zealand, chances are that Internet would not work by default when you topup your mobile phone with a data plan(or other free limited offers). They however have enough information on how to set the Access Point Name(APN) for your phone on the Vodafone New Zealand website here.

Even if your phone model is not on the list, you can look at the information provided for the available models and once you get the general idea of how things work, try it out on yours.

While using Android phones, downloading APNdroid and Quick Settings for free from the Android market will help you disable your internet when you are not using internet over phone. This may be a good idea if you are on a limited bandwidth plan and not monitoring your daily internet usage!

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CMS change

MiscThe hosting server upgraded to PHP 5.3 and the version of Mambo available through CPanel would not support PHP 5.x. Joomla 1.5 had installation problems and Drupal, though the basic installation went through seamless, appeared un-intuitive to use. Most of the content is now ported to this new CMS. Thank you Tim, for your quick replies!
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Chess Cartoon Strip

Misc Chess Cartoon Strip